I am a visual artist, urban space researcher and a writer. My artistic practice and research involves transdisciplinary work on the intersection between art, digital media and urban sociology. Focusing on the public space, I am concerned with social urban space production through storytelling. The topics that interest me, i.e. symbolic urban reconstructions, post-socialism, gentrification, migration, peripheralization, are related to my biographical background and experience. My work is socially-engaged and participative. I collect subjective narrations, experiences, and imaginations of the urban by utilizing different methodologies – mental mapping, walking, interviewing, soundwalking, audio-visual recording. Relating the personal to the public, the subjective to the intersubjective, I transform the collected narratives into a compendium of stories, thus deconstructing dominant urban narratives. Manifested as in situ public space interventions or audio-visual installations for exhibition spaces, my works convey critical knowledge about the urban through aesthetic experience.

Besides working artistically, I write articles for journals and scientific texts, give lectures and talks at universities, and teach courses in sound art.

I hold a BA Painting and Art Pedagogy (Faculty of Fine Arts Skopje, 2006), MA Space Strategies (Art School Berlin-Weißensee, 2011) and practice-based PhD Fine Arts (Bauhaus University Weimar, 2019).

My recent exhibitions include: “Recounting Skopje” (soundwalk and exhibition, DENES YVAA exhibition, MKC Gallery Skopje, 2018); “Liminal States” (audio-video installation, o.T. Projektraum Berlin, 2018); “Somewhere Anywhere/Brexit Means Brexit” (two-channel video installation, In-Between States exhibition, Peacock Visual Arts Centre Aberdeen & Museum of City Skopje, 2019).

My recent texts and lectures involve: “Skopje 2014s’ Afterlife” (article, The Calvert Journal, 2019); “Recounting Skopje” (PhD Thesis, the Bauhaus University Weimar Library, 2019); “Artistic Research and the City” (lecture, Prosjektskolen Kunstskole Oslo, 2019); “In-between States” (artist talk with Jon Blackwood and Karolina Bachanek, Belmont Cinema Aberdeen, 2019); “Soundscapes of Spandau” (course, Volkshochschule Spandau Berlin, 2019), “Before/After Skopje 2014” (guest lecture, TU Berlin, CUD, 2021).