I am a visual artist, urban space researcher and an author. My artistic practice and research involves transdisciplinary work on the intersection between art, digital media and urban sociology. Focusing on the public space, I am concerned with social urban space production through storytelling. The topics that interest me, i.e. symbolic urban reconstructions, post-socialism, gentrification, migration, peripheralization, are related to my biographical background and experience. My work is socially-engaged and participative. I collect subjective narrations, experiences, and imaginations of the urban by utilizing different methodologies – mental mapping, walking, interviewing, soundwalking, audio-visual recording. Relating the personal with the public, the subjective with the intersubjective, I transform the collected narratives into a compendium of stories, thus deconstructing dominant urban narratives. Manifested as in situ public space interventions or audio-visual installations for exhibition spaces, they convey critical knowledge about the urban through aesthetic experience.

Besides working artistically, I write articles for journals and scientific texts, give lectures and talks at universities, and teach courses in sound art.

I hold a BA Painting and Art Pedagogy (Faculty of Fine Arts Skopje, 2006), MA Space Strategies (Art School Berlin-Weißensee, 2011) and practice-based PhD Fine Arts (Bauhaus University Weimar, 2019).

My recent exhibitions include: “Recounting Skopje” (soundwalk and exhibition, DENES YVAA exhibition, MKC Gallery Skopje, 2018); “Liminal States” (audio-video installation, o.T. Projektraum Berlin, 2018); “Somewhere Anywhere/Brexit Means Brexit” (two-channel video installation, In-Between States exhibition, Peacock Visual Arts Centre Aberdeen & Museum of City Skopje, 2019).

My recent texts and lectures involve: “Skopje 2014s’ Afterlife” (article, The Calvert Journal, 2019); “Recounting Skopje” (PhD Thesis, the Bauhaus University Weimar Library, 2019); “Artistic Research and the City” (lecture, Prosjektskolen Kunstskole Oslo, 2019); “In-between States” (artist talk with Jon Blackwood and Karolina Bachanek, Belmont Cinema Aberdeen, 2019); “Soundscapes of Spandau” (course, Volkshochschule Spandau Berlin, 2019).