Somewhere Anywhere

Two-channel video installation, 14:00″, Peacock Visual Centre for Contemporary Arts, W or M, Aberdeen – Scotland


The video essay “Brexit means Brexit” revolves around the complex process of the UK’s secession from the European Union, an occurrence closely related to many political concerns in Europe, e.g. the rise of populist and right-wing parties, the erection of new borders and walls, the denied entry for asylum seekers, etc. The video work adopts subjective perspectives of those directly concerned with and affected by this political instance.Focusing on the aspect of mobility, in terms of the so-called “somewheres and anywheres”, the video essay overlays heterogeneous narrations of individuals, who embed a global and mobile identity, and individuals, whose identity is strongly rooted in the local. Showcasing different angles, the video essay allows for various interpretations of Brexit instead of proposing one fixed narrative.

Camera and photos by Bozho Gagovski. The exhibition is curated by Jon Blackwood.