Out of the Periphery / Museum of Art Solidarity

In light of deconstructing universalist and hegemonic narratives and representation modes embedded in the Humboldt Forum in Berlin, the research objective is to illuminate and stimulate pluriversal cultural, urban and knowledge productions. Combining post-socialist and postcolonial discourses, the artistic postdoc research draws inspiration from the Yugoslavian cultural production and the cultural exchanges of the Non-aligned Movement as material artifacts that challenge the ongoing Eurocentric cultural logic. Central attention in the research process is given to the movement’s cultural solidarity as a strategy for surmounting conditions of peripherality, and the potential of such practices for decolonizing the Humboldt Forum’s museum collections. The comparative case study focuses on three museums founded on bases of international solidarity and art donations: the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, North Macedonia; the “Josip Broz Tito” Gallery for the Art of the Non-Aligned Countries in Podgorica, Montenegro; and the Museum of Solidarity Salvador Allende in Santiago, Chile. Employing a triangulation of methods, the field work involves archival research about the case study collections, interviews with urban and cultural workers, and site-specific documentation. The research manifests in the form of a virtual Museum of Solidarity, whose collection includes donations of artworks and artifacts suggested by interview partners.

The postdoc research is supported by the Bauhaus University Weimar postdoc scholarship.


Link to the Museum of Art Solidarity