TUNE IN: Art in Exile / Art of Exile. An audio walk with Ukranian female artists

In collaboration with three Ukrainian female artists in exile, Sofiia Yesakova, Mariia Lutsak and Somari Ptashka, the project explores the role of art and solidarity in times of crisis. It reflects on the potential of art solidarity for the recovery of societies suffering from injustices and catastrophes as well as on the influence that the new environment has on the artistic production of the displaced female artists.

The project takes the form of an immersive sound walk conducted in the Berlin neighbourhood Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. In the sound walk the artists introduce themselves and their work, explore their relationship to the neighborhood, discuss issues of art solidarity, but also their current artistic production. In this approach the sound walk communicates the neighborhood from multiple perspectives; it reveals micronarratives in urban city space, it creates an exchange between local residents and newcomers, and it considers the impact of historical and current migration and exile movements on the production of public spaces.

Listening to sound material while walking – e.g. original sound excerpts from interviews with the female artists, commentary by the author, urban sounds and music – the participants immerse in the multi-layered context of the place and the life of the artists in exile.

Flaneuse Morana Mažuran, © Ivana Sidjimovska
Flaneuse Morana Mažuran, © Ivana Sidjimovska

The project is part of the Draussenstadtprogramm “Stadt findet Kunst” funded by the Municipality Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Berlin.